Guestbox Dashboard

Learn how the Guestbox Dashboard works and how to manage incoming communication through this dashboard.

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The Guestbox Dashboard is where incoming communication from the Built-In Chat, Sociavore Reservations, Feedback Forms, Custom Forms, and Newsletter Signups. Read this article to learn How To Reply to a Guest in Guestbox.

The Guestbox interface is similar to any chat application just as Slack or messenger. New messages are displayed as a list on the left side of the screen. When clicked, it shows the details of the message, and the ability to edit the guest's details.

Built-in Chat

The built-in chat feature can be found at the bottom right side of every page on your website. When people visit your website, they can communicate with you or your team through this feature, and you can respond through the Guestbox.

Sociavore Reservations

When a reservation request is submitted, a notification is automatically posted on the Guestbox. Through the Guestbox, you have the ability to:

  • Respond or send a message to the guest

  • Confirm or reject the reservation

  • Suggest an alternative time

  • Access the entire profile of the guest

In this article, you will learn how to respond to reservation requests.

Guest Feedback Form

On your Sociavore website, you can add a guest feedback form. Whenever someone fills out that form, the feedback is automatically sent to the Guestbox.

Custom Form

A custom form is basically an online form used to collect information for various purposes such as submitting application forms for a job opening, quotation requests for an off-premise catering event, etc.

Sociavore allows you to create custom forms and display that form on any page within the site. When the form is submitted, the information is sent to the Guestbox, where an administrator or team member can respond directly to the person who submitted the form.

Read this article to learn how to create custom forms.

Newsletter Signup

Have you ever been on a website where they ask you to enter your email address to subscribe to their newsletter or to receive updates? That's what Newsletter Signup is.

When someone signs up or joins the newsletter, you will be notified through the Guestbox.

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