What is TTE mode?

TTE mode is a cognitive time to exhaustion mode designed to push your athletes to maintain high levels of attention.

Once your athlete enters a TTE mode task, they will perform a 3-minute test.

Soma will take the fastest average reaction time from either minute 1,2 or 3

This is the athlete's target reaction time for every response. Soma will also tell the athlete their threshold, which is the target reaction time + 20%.

For example,

If an athlete's target reaction time is 400ms, this means every response must be faster than 400ms and if they exceed the 20% threshold (480ms) the task will terminate.

This makes TTE mode a pressure cooker for attention as they have already invested 3 minutes before they even begin the task.

When to use Time to Exhaustion mode

When you want to create a high-pressure cognitive training stimulus.

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