What is TTE mode?

TTE mode is a cognitive time-to-exhaustion mode designed to push your athletes to maintain high levels of attention.

Once your athlete enters a TTE mode task, they will perform a 3-minute test.

Soma will take the fastest average reaction time from either minutes 1,2 or 3.

This is the athlete's target reaction time for every response. Soma will also tell the athlete their threshold, which is the target reaction time + 20%.

For example,

If an athlete's target reaction time is 400ms, this means every response must be faster than 400ms and if they exceed the 20% threshold (480ms) the task will terminate.

This makes TTE mode a pressure cooker for attention as they have already invested 3 minutes before they even begin the task.

When to use Time to Exhaustion mode

When you want to create a high-pressure cognitive training stimulus.

Can I see how long my athlete lasted for before the task was terminated?

Yes, Soma Analytics will display the duration of the task.

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