Here's how to pitch a playlist of recordings:

1. Click the orange + button in your catalog.


2. Click New pitch...


3. Change the title if you need to, add a recipient, change any settings you'd like, and click Create & Customize.


4. Navigate to the Recordings tab of the catalog or playlist folder that you're in.

5. Add the recordings to the pitch - you can drag & drop them, right-click one and select "Add to pitch", or select multiple and click the "Add to pitch" button that appears above the list.


6. Save your pitch by clicking the green Save button in the top right corner of the pitch edit modal.


7. Click the Copy link button.


8. In the link modal that appears, either copy the tracked link to send out however you'd like or click the untracked link so that you can preview your pitch without adding stats to it.


Here's what this pitch would look like:

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