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You can find songs and files in any folder of your Songspace catalog by using the search box above each asset list.

You can also find songs, files, and folders anywhere by using the global search box in the catalog header.

Local search

1) Click into the search box above your asset list and type the word or phrase that you want to search for. This local search bar will only search across title, lyrics, writers, artists, and tags.

2) Refine your search by applying specific attributes.

Available attributes vary depending on the tab that you're viewing.

3) Press the Enter key or the Search button to start your search.

Search results will be presented on the current page. If you'd like to expand your search beyond the current folder, select the "Search Everywhere" icon to start a global search.

Global search

If you'd like to search across all catalogs and folders, perform a global search.

Any local search can be expanded to search everywhere as described above. You can also initiate a global search by clicking the "Search Everywhere" icon in the catalog header.

When the global search box expands, you'll see the 5 most recent searches and some search presets listed in the suggestions menu below.

Click on either a recent search or preset to perform a search and enter the search view.

1) Your five most recent searches are saved for quick access

2) Typical searches are provided by Songspace as presets

Search results will be presented in the global search view. If you'd like to filter by a specific location, select the relevant folder from the side navigation.

1) Navigate back to catalog
2) Side navigation
3) Search results

Search filters

Narrow your local or global search results by filtering using song and recording attributes. To open filter options, click More search options in the search modal.

1) Enter a value in any of the filter options. These are segmented into global, song-related, and recording-related groups.
2) For song and recording attributes, add additional options using the + button
3) Clear the filter form and any value in the search box by selecting RESET
4) Submit your search by clicking SEARCH or SEARCH EVERYWHERE

Complex searches and boolean operators

Your search options are not limited to what can be applied via the filter panel. Any available song, recording, file, or folder attribute can be directly entered into the search box.

For a complete list of attributes, operators, and example searches, click here.

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