How does Songspace use metadata?
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When you share or pitch a song to someone, you have the option to allow them to download the recording(s). (For more information on pitching, click here.)

Songspace gives two options when downloading a song:

Option 1

Download MP3(s) will download the file converted by Songspace. This file transfers all of the metadata that you've entered into the song project on Songspace.

Option 2

Download Unconverted File(s) lets you download the original file that was added. The most important thing about this option is that ANY metadata entered into the song project on Songspace is not transferred. Only the metadata attached to the original file is transferred.

What metadata does Songspace transfer?

As stated above, using option 1 transfers metadata from your song project on Songspace to the recording.

Here's a simple table that shows how the metadata transfers:

To learn how to set these fields, click here.

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