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Songspace is the leading creative workflow and rights management platform for music creators and rights-holders. Since its founding in Nashville in 2014, Songspace has been enthusiastically supported by the music industry, finding its product niche with music publishers and growing a client base that includes Kobalt Music, Downtown Music Publishing, Big Deal, Reservoir Media, Domino Records and hundreds more. It's accessible on most popular desktop browsers and on mobile devices as an iOS and Android app.

The quickest way to sign up is at Click the Sign Up Free button in the top right of your screen to start the process.

For Creators and Individual Professionals

Songspace centralizes everything - no more scattered files across emails, apps and computers. Your Songspace catalog stores all of your music, lyrics, collaborations and information around your songs in one place.

For Businesses

Scale Teamwork Songspace puts your entire company to work in a single, centralized environment, all working from the same music assets, rights data and pitch tracking. Seamlessly collaborate across departments, offices and teams.

Publishing & Master Rights Songspace is the only platform designed to manage music publishing copyrights and master sound recordings - while streamlining everyday creative and administrative workflows for any size company.

One Product Songspace replaces off-the-shelf tools not designed to manage music (Box, iTunes, Excel, Dropbox, SoundCloud, GDrive). Spend less time uploading and downloading from multiple places and connect your workflows to your assets.

You can read more about different subscription options here.

Song projects are an incredibly useful, collaborative way to archive recordings, lyrics, files, credits, and other song-related information. Your Songspace catalog includes songs that you create, as well as those shared with you.

To learn more about creating & sharing songs, click here.

Playlist folders give you the ability to organize and share your catalog easily. These playlists not only help you manage your catalog, but they also serve as playlists that you can pitch and share.

To learn more about creating & sharing playlist folders, click here.

Using Songspace Mobile

The Songspace Mobile App allows you to use most of the features of Songspace. The mobile app also has a recording device. You can search for "Songspace" in the iOS or Android app stores.

For more information on the mobile app, click here.

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