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Understanding the Admin Panel for Business
Understanding the Admin Panel for Business
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This feature requires Business user administrator access. To learn more about a Business subscription, click here.

The Admin Panel is where you can change your subscription’s song allotment, add users to your subscription, and create and manage access to your team’s catalogs.

You can access the Admin Panel from the navigation menu. Click your profile image and then click Admin Panel.

This article covers how you can use the admin panel to manage your business subscription.

Song allotment

While Business plans include 250 songs for each user account under your subscription, you can add additional songs to your allotment without adding more users.

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Seats are the available user accounts under your current subscription plan.

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Users are the active Songspace accounts under your subscription. Every user under a business subscription has an account role of either Owner, Admin, Team Member, or Artist, which all have different permissions. You can learn more about those roles and permissions for each in the support article linked below.

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Team catalogs

Business subscriptions come with the option of creating team catalogs, which can be managed collectively by team members who have access to them.

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