How to create a Release
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Before you create a Release, make sure you check out Understanding Releases.

There are a few ways in which you can create a Release in your account:

Creating a Release as a stand-alone entity

1. Click the orange + button.

2. Click New release...

3. Enter a title for your new Release.

4. Click Create New Release. This will open the edit view of your new Release where you can add whatever you'd like to it.

Creating a Release via a recording on a song

Note: the recording must be marked as a Master (Commercially Released) in order to associate it to a Release.

1. Open the song project with the associated recording you want to add to the new Release.

2. Click the ... button next to the recording.

3. Click Edit recording...

4. Scroll down to the Release information section.

5. If the recording is already associated to a Release, click the + button in this section to associate to another one. If the recording isn't associated to a Release, start typing in the name of the new Release in the text field.

6. Click Create.

7. Fill out the fields (Title is the only required field) and click Save.

8. Click Save at the bottom of the edit recording modal.

Creating a Release via uploading a Recording

Note: the recording must have an associated Album in order for a Release to be created out of it.

1. Click the orange + button.

2. Click Add recordings...

3. Select a source to upload a recording from.

4. Select the recording you want to upload.

5. Click Continue.

6. Click Add Recordings.

7. Click Done.

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