When you add a writer to a song project, any publishing agreements that are associated with the writer will appear. You can also add a new publishing agreement to a writer from the song project.

Newly created publishing agreements will be associated with the writer after initial creation, so you won't have to keep adding the same publishing agreement over and over.

How to add a new publishing agreement to a writer on a song project

First, you need to open the song project. Just click on the song's title in your catalog or playlist folder to open the song.

Then go to the Rights info tab. Here you will see any writers that have already been credited on the song project. From here you can add publishing agreements to all credited writers.

Create a new publishing agreement

1. There are two options for creating a new publishing agreement for a writer on a song project.

  • If a writer doesn't have any existing publishing agreements, you can click Add Publishers.

  • If a writer does have existing publishing agreements, you can click the arrow to the right of their name to show more details on existing agreements. This also gives you the option to create a new publishing agreement - to do this, click the Create Publishing Agreement button.

2. After entering the Agreement Details, click the Add Publishers button to move onto the Publishers section.

3. The Publishers section lets you add relevant territories and add publishers.

  • To add a Relevant Territory, click the Select relevant territory link and type in a search.

  • Click the result matching text and the territory will appear in the Relevant Territories section.
    Note: You can add multiple territories.

  • To add a publisher, click the Add Publishers link. From here you can search for and find an existing publisher or create a new one.

To find an existing publisher, search for a publisher and click the matching result.

To create a new publisher, click the Create a new publisher link under the search.

Fill out the information and click the Save button.

  • After creating a new publisher or selecting the existing publisher from the search results, the publisher will appear in the Publishers section of your Network.
    Note: You can add multiple agreements for multiple territories.

  • Section 3 contains the Advanced Settings. This section shows the Effective Date Range and the Agreement Owner. Note: these fields are not required to create a publishing agreement.

4. Click the Save button and the new agreement will be applied to the writer.

How to add a new publishing agreement to a writer via the Network

You can also add publishing agreements on a writer's contact card in the Network. Then whenever you add that writer to a song, the publishing agreements you have added to their contact will be there for you to choose from.

1. Find the writer in the Network, hover over their contact, and click Details to expand the contact card.

2. Click the Pub. Agreements tab to see any existing publishing agreements.

Note: If user has existing agreements, the Add a new publishing agreement link will appear under existing agreements. If the user doesn't have any existing agreements, there will be a message letting you know that there are no agreements saved and an Add A Publishing Agreement button will be available.

3. Click the Add a new publishing agreement option and you will be taken through the same steps for creating a new Publishing Agreement that begin in the Create a New Publishing Agreement section of this article.

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