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If you created a pitch and forgot to add a recipient, didn't mean to allow downloading, or any other detail you need to fix, you are still able to make changes to that pitch and can make those at any time.

Edit a pitch via pitch log

1. Find the pitch in pitch log

Business and Creator plan members are able to access their pitches from two pitch logs:

  1. Global pitch log, accessed via the app bar 

  2. Song pitch log, accessed via song project tabs

2. Select 'Edit pitch'

Right-click the pitch to display the pitch menu then select 'Edit pitch'.

3. Customize the pitch

The pitch-edit view will open from the right. 

If you'd like to add songs or folders, return to the catalog while the pitch is open and add assets to the pitch. The easiest way to do this is to simply drag & drop the asset(s) directly into the pitch edit modal on the far-right of your screen.

4. Save pitch

When you are done making changes, select 'Save' in the top-right corner of the pitch edit view. 

If you attempt to close the pitch without saving, you will be prompted to discard your changes or save them.

Edit a pitch during creation

If / when you create a pitch, before you select 'Create & get link', you can still customize the pitch.

1. Preview and customize

From the creation modal, select 'Preview' to preview the pitch without adding any stats to it.

2. Edit in preview mode

The pitch preview will open. Any edits you make will live-update the preview. 

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