Accidentally created two contacts for the same person? No problem! You can merge those duplicate contacts by following the steps below:

1. Click Network from the header menu to navigate to your Network.


2. Find the duplicate contacts that you would like to merge by searching for them in the search field.

3. Command+Click to select the duplicate contacts.

4. Click on the the three white dots on the upper right hand corner of one of the highlighted blue contacts and select Merge Contacts.


5. From the Merge Contacts modal, select which of the contacts you would like to keep. The other contact(s) will be overwritten, but all other data, including numbers and addresses, will be merged.

If you're interested in seeing songs or publishing scenarios that will be affected by the merge, you can take a look by clicking Merged Song List or Publishing at the top of the modal.

6. Click Merge Contacts.

Note: Merge Contacts option is only an option if one of the contacts you are merging was created by you - you cannot merge actual users with one another.

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