Just like with Pitching in Songspace, Projects in Songspace also have a log where you can view, sort, filter, and manage all of your Projects in one place. Simply put, Songspace Project MGMT is a central location for all of your projects.

There are multiple ways that you can filter through your Projects using Project Mgmt. You can type something into the search bar above the list of Projects, but this may return too many irrelevant results as it's searching multiple fields for the text you searched for. To find Projects using a specific field or fields:

1. Click the More search options / gear settings icon located in the far-right of the search bar.

2. This will open the Advanced Search modal.

3. From here, you can type in values you'd like into any of the fields that are listed automatically, such as Artist, Label, and Project.

You can also click the drop-down menu next to Deadline to filter projects by Anytime, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, or a Custom date range of your choosing.

Additionally, you can filter by the Project contact or click on that drop-down to change the search attribute to Internal contact, number of associated Pitches, Release date, Release date type, Notes, or Added by.

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