You can use Songspace to store any type of file within a song project. This can include session files, PDFs, stems, zip files, Word documents, etc. It's a great way to archive the various documents and files that may be related to your song so that they can all be stored in one central place. These files are not visible on any links that you send out and can only be accessed by Songspace users who have access to the song via their account.

Here’s how to add a file to a song project:

1. Open a song project by clicking on the song title in the catalog.


2. Go to the Notes & files tab of the song project.


3. In the Files section, click Add file.

If this is your first file, the Add File modal will appear automatically.


4. Either drag & drop the file or browse your computer for the desired file and upload it to the song project.

5. Once you’ve uploaded a file, you can download it by clicking View.

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