The bulk editor allows you to add writers on selected songs without having to open up each and every song project in your playlist. Adding writers lets you add writers to song projects without affecting the existing writers.

1. Select the songs you wish to edit by command+clicking them.

2. Click the pencil icon that appears in the catalog toolbar to open the bulk editor.

3. You can add writers for all the songs by clicking the writer icon in the top right.

Note: The icons located in the top right of your screen will make changes for all songs.

4. From here you can click Add Songwriters to the songs.

  • Add songwriters will allow you to add additional songwriters to the selected songs in the Bulk Editor.

5. Simply type in the writer's name and click Add beside the correct result.

  • Publishing agreements attached to a writer will automatically populate. If you would like to learn how to change the publishing information or add another Publishing Agreement, click here.

6. Now all you have to do is click the Save button.

Adding Writers to individual songs is the same as above, just click the Writer icon on the song you wish to edit.

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