Once you’ve added the correct songs, entered the relevant playlist folder details, and placed your songs in the correct order, your playlist page will be ready to share! Here's how to share a link to a playlist.

1. Open the playlist you want to share. You can do this by clicking the name of the playlist. If you want to preview what the page will look like, click the More button above your playlist (the button with the 3 dots) and then click Preview Playlist.

2. Click the Share Link button, located above your playlist.

3. A prompt will appear with your share link.

4. Choose whether or not you want your recipient to be able to download files from the page.

5. Copy the link to your clipboard and share it with anyone. Your recipient will see the playlist page.

If you'd like to send your playlist page and track its analytics, then click the Pitch button. Click here to learn more about pitching!

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