We understand that accidents happen - Songspace provides users with the ability to restore assets after they have been deleted.

Note: Recordings that are attached to songs will be restored with the song as well.

To restore a deleted song, file, or recording:

1. Click the Trash icon located in your left sidebar. This will take you to the trash where everything you've deleted resides.

2. There are two ways to restore a song you've deleted:

a. Right click on the song and click the Restore song option.

b. Select a song and click the Restore icon that will appear in the header above the list of deleted songs. This option also works if you select multiple songs and want to restore them in bulk.

3. The Select Destination modal will appear. This allows you to choose the exact location that you wish to restore the song to. Once you find your destination, click the Restore button.

You can also restore an asset via the playlist activity. For more information on that functionality, click here.

Note: Items are permanently deleted after 90 days.

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