Sharing catalogs or folders is the fastest way to create a collaborative view in Songspace. Here are several points that should be understood when adding members to your folders and songs.

Permissions are inherited

When someone is added to a folder or catalog with view or edit access, they are given the same level of access to the folder’s contents.

Giving someone edit access to “Folder A” will let them edit, share, and delete any folders, songs, or files inside of “Folder A.” Deleted items can be restored from trash.

Inherited members are displayed in their own section in the member settings view.

Inherited permissions cannot be interrupted

To help keep shared folder views in sync, inherited folder members cannot be changed in any folder or song that’s inside the original point of sharing, “Folder A.”

If a member needs to be removed from a folder or song inside “Folder A,” that member will have to be removed from “Folder A” and re-shared on the items they need to access.

In this case, the user needed access to "Folder B2" but not "Folder B1."

Members can be added at any point

Although inherited members cannot be changed in songs and folders, additional members can be added at any point by users with edit access.

Moving folders can affect access

Inherited members have access to a folder or song because it’s inside a folder that they were directly added to. If that folder or song is moved out of the folder they were added to, they will typically lose access.

If the folder or song is moved into another shared folder, it will inherit any members from the new location.

In this case, the red user lost access to "Folder B1" and all its contents. The blue user gained access through "Folder X".

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