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Can I set download types on pitches?
Can I set download types on pitches?
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You can customize your pitches to allow the recipient to download only Converted MP3s, the Original files, or both. Or you can set a default for all of your pitches in your account settings - click here to learn more about setting a download default for your pitches.

In these steps, we'll start a song pitch from scratch.

To pitch a song, you can click the Pitch song button located in the header if you're working on the song project or click the Pitch song option from the right-click menu in your catalog.

The pitch modal will appear and you can enter the pitch information. Once you've entered the info, click the Customize button to continue editing your pitch.

To view the settings, click on the Settings tab. Make sure your pitch is set up to allow for downloading and click the dropdown menu beside Download type(s) to make a selection.

This will open a menu that allows you to select the type.

To see how these will look on your pitch, click the Preview icon to see your pitch.

Make sure to click Save to save your changes when you're done.

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