The Network section of your account is where all of your contacts are kept. The Network already has everyone split up into categories such as Writers, Publishers, Admins, Connections, and more. But what if you have hundreds of contacts and just want to see a select few that might not fit neatly into those categories? You can tag them! Adding tags to your contacts helps you organize your contacts even more. Instead of sifting through pages of contacts, you can filter by a tag that you create.

Here's how to edit your contacts' tags:

1. Go to your Network.

2. Click the ... menu on the right of a contact and click the Edit tags option from the dropdown menu.

3. A modal will po pup that allows you to create new tags or add existing tags just like you can on songs.

4. Once you save your changes, the tag(s) will appear on the contact card.

To remove a tag, follow the steps listed above and click the x beside the tag that you wish to remove. Don't forget to save your changes!

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