Note: this feature is not available for Free users - if you'd like to be able to add collaborators to a song project, please upgrade to our Creator plan or our Business plan.

Add collaborators, team members, bandmates, or anyone else to a song project as a song member via the option available on the song project header. Members are able to view, edit, and share the song (depending on the type of access you grant them).

1. To add a member, hover your mouse over the plus button in the members section of your song project's header.

2. Then click Can view or edit.


3. To add an existing contact from your network, start typing the name and click the Add button beside the matching result. To create a new contact, click the Create New button beside the matching name and then enter their email address.


4. Finally, choose their role(s) within the project. If you choose Songwriter, he or she will be added as a writer for the song on the Publishing Information tab as well.


5. Click Add to Song.

6. Click the green Save button in the top-right corner of the song project to save your changes.

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