After setting the Default Custom ID field for a writer, publisher, or administrator, you may want to apply that ID to all of the agreements that already exist in your catalog. It would be a big pain to go back through all of the songs searching for agreements to apply a new Custom ID to.

So here's an easy way to set all the custom IDs without having to spend a lot of time on it.

1. In the Network, open the contact's information by clicking the ... button and selecting Edit contact from the menu.


2. If you haven't already, you can click Select existing ID in the Default Custom ID field and click the ID you wish to be the default.


3. After setting your default ID, click the Apply ID to existing agreements checkbox and the default ID will be applied to all existing agreements for that writer, publisher, or administrator.


4. Don't forget to Save your changes.

Note: This feature ONLY applies to agreements that do not have an ID already. This will prevent you from overwriting existing data.

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