Your Shared With Me is the place where you can preview all of your incoming shared music and decide whether or not to add it to your catalog. Anything that you've been shared on will end up here.

Here's how to move songs or playlist folders from Shared With Me to My songs:

1. On the left-hand side of your catalog view, scroll down and click Shared with me to see a full list of what's been shared with you.

2. From Shared with Me, you can listen to or preview any song or playlist that has been shared with you. Songs or playlists that you haven’t yet previewed are marked as new with an orange dot.

To preview a song or playlist, hover over the song or playlist and click the Preview Item button.

3. There are two ways to move newly shared music into My songs:

  • You can drag & drop the song(s) or playlist(s) into My songs or into a specific playlist.

  • You can hover over the item and click the Move item into my songs button.

Note: You can only drag & drop playlists into My Songs, not another playlist.

Click Remove Item to discard whatever you don't want to add to your catalog.

It is important to note that rejecting a share does have consequences - to learn more, click here.

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