Within Songspace, you have the option to apply a status to a pitched song. The statuses that can be applied are:

  • Pass

  • Like

  • Hold

  • Confirmed/Cut

  • Released

You can set the status for a pitched song by following these steps:

1) Go to your Pitch Log.

2) Locate the pitch that you'd like to edit and right-click it. Then select Edit pitch.

3) In the pitch edit modal that opens, click the more button next to a song and click Set status.

4) This will open the Add Status modal. To add a status to a song in the pitch, you'll need to associate the song to a Project. You can either search for an existing project or create a new project. (To learn more about Projects, click here.) Select a status using the drop-down menu, add a note about the status, and click Save.

5) Make sure to click the Save button in the top right corner of the pitch edit modal to save your changes.

Note: The status that you set and save for a song only applies to the specific pitch being edited.

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