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Can I fit Spartan products to a Daystate Redwolf?
Can I fit Spartan products to a Daystate Redwolf?
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There are three options when fitting Spartan Products to a Daystate Redwolf: The Classic Rifle Adapter or the Classic Gunsmith Adapter for Javelin bipods, and the Salamander Tactical Spigot with Rail Adapter for the Valhalla.

At Spartan, we recommend the fitting of a Classic Gunsmith Adapter. With this fitting, there is much less risk of the adapter causing irritation to the user's back when being carried on a rifle sling. The low profile enables the bipod to be easily slid in or out of a gun-slip, without snagging. If you are a Field Target shooter, then there is little obstruction or projection from the stock of the rifle for positional shoots.


If your Daystate Redwolf comes with a Sling Swivel stud this may be the easier option and can be used with a Classic Rifle Adapter.

Lastly for attaching a Valhalla Bipod a special adapter from our friends at is required.

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