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What is the Classic UIT Rail (Anschutz) Adapter?
What is the Classic UIT Rail (Anschutz) Adapter?
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The Classic UIT Rail (Anschutz) Adapter has been designed as a semi-permanent fit to the rail of the rifle. This adapter has been produced specifically to enable direct attachment of the Spartan products using the standard Anschutz / UIT accessory rail on any suitably equipped rifle.

It is CNC machined from a billet of 7000 series aluminium and hard anodised, corrosion-resistant matt black finish.

The UIT rail, also known as Anschutz rail, is a standard adapter used for mounting slings and other accessories in competition shooting, but is sometimes found on hunting and tactical rifles. It is essentially a T-slot track shaped aluminium extrusion profile accepting attachments in the form of T-slot nuts or similar.



The Classic UIT Rail (Anschutz) Adapter shares the common 12mm socket fitting from the family of adapters, enabling instant attachment and detachment of the magnetic spigot fitting found in our bipods and tripods.


The Classic UIR Adapter is designed to work with the following Spartan products:

  • Javelin range of bipods

  • Sentinel tripods

  • Ascent tripod

  • Davros head

  • Davros Pro head


It is worth noting our adapter is connected to the rail by 2 x T shaped nuts. These nuts have a shoulder that fits into the track of the rail and allows the adapter to slide into position before being tightened in the final position.

We machine the shoulder of these nuts to a thickness of 2mm, which is the original 'UIT' standard.

We have noticed that different rifle and accessory manufacturers will use different dimensions for this rail. This can lead to the thickness of the nuts needing to be reduced by 1-2mm to enable the nuts to slide within the tracks. This can be easily achieved by the use of a small file or abrasive wheel.

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