A Spriggy Card can be added to specific digital wallets, however, each provider has its own age requirements.

For Apple Pay, the child needs to be 13 + years old and for Google Pay the child needs to be 16 + years old to use this feature.

The age of the child is determined by the date of birth entered when adding a child to your Spriggy Family membership.

If your child is of age and you need help setting up your mobile wallet, please see the relevant supplier guides:

Apple Pay

Google Pay

If you have already added a Spriggy Card and need help with verification then contact us and we can help.

We recommend contacting us via in-app chat as we have optimised this to make verification easy for families. To do this:

  1. Log in to your Spriggy app as a Primary Parent.

  2. Tap 'Settings' in the top right hand corner.

  3. Tap 'Help'.

  4. Tap 'Member Help'.

  5. Tap 'Start a conversation'.

  6. Tap 'Apple Pay or Google Pay' and follow any prompts.

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