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How do I place my first order?
How do I place my first order?

Find out how to place your first order.

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Thank you so much for signing up with us. 

Fortunately, our app is very simple and easy to use, so getting started and ordering your child their lunch for the first time should be plain sailing. 

Before you start creating your first order, you will need to do a couple of things:

Once you have done these things, you're all set and can begin creating your first order.

You can follow the step by step instructions below for an example of a typical order:

  1.  Starting from the order screen, select which child you would like to order for (if you have more than one 😊 ) by clicking the drop-down menu highlighted below:

2.  Tap the highlighted arrow to select which week you would like to order for:

3. Select what type of order you would like to make (Canteen, Events, or Shop) and then choose which day of the week you would like to order for. The app will not allow you to order for past days, so if it does, it may indicate that you have selected the wrong week:

4. Select what you would like to order your child for lunch by selecting the item and then tapping 'Add to Cart':

5. To view items in your cart, tap 'Open Cart':

6. If you're sure you are happy with your order, tap 'Go to Checkout'. No problem at all if you make a mistake or change your mind about your order - you can easily edit or cancel your order up until the canteen's cut-off time on the date of the order.

7. You will then be asked to confirm your order:

8. Finally, after you have confirmed your order, your order should now be processed and your screen should look as it does below. You should also receive an order confirmation email.

Congratulations! 🥳 You have now completed your first order.

Please let us know how you got on! If you experience any trouble at all with the ordering process, please contact our Member Help Team and they will happily help you with any problems you are experiencing. You can do this by clicking the orange icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

We really do appreciate and encourage all feedback, so that we can continuously improve and provide the best experience we can 😊

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