Contactless transaction limits

What is the limit for performing a contactless transaction with and without PIN

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When your kids carry out a transaction using a SquareOne card they can perform a contactless (sometimes referred to as payWave) transaction by tapping the card on the terminal. The merchant needs to accept contactless payments for this to be an option.

In New Zealand the limit for contactless transactions without a PIN is $200. That means that you can tap your card for any amount under $200 and the terminal will not ask for a PIN.

If the transaction is $200 or over then the terminal will ask you for a PIN to complete the transaction.

Contactless can be used for any transaction amount, but for transactions over $200 you will need to enter a PIN.

Google Pay live, Apple Pay coming soon: SquareOne will soon be available via Apple (we're already live with Google Pay). With Apple and Google Pay, some terminals will accept phone biometrics instead of a PIN. Meaning you can use Apple and Google Pay for contactless transactions of any amount as you will have already performed verification to unlock the wallet on your phone.


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