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Why did my transaction decline?
Why did my transaction decline?

Some common reasons your transactions might decline, and how to solve them

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💡For the first transaction, you have to insert the card, hit 'Credit' and then enter the PIN. For all future transactions you're good to go with contactless.

These are some common reasons transactions decline.

1. Wrong PIN - When you registered your kid(s), the app would have asked you to set up a PIN for the card. If you can't remember what you set, no problem, you can change the PIN in real time.

If you're on your parent home screen, just tap the card controls button on the top right of your kid's virtual card, and then tap 'Change PIN'.

If you're in kids view, just tap on 'Card details' (blue button on the card image) and hit 'Change PIN'.

2. Unable to Verify PIN - The transaction was declined because the card needs a new PIN. This usually happens when we order a replacement card for you. You can set a PIN using the instructions above.

3. PIN Blocked - This usually happens if you have entered an incorrect PIN too many times. Please contact us to unblock your card so that you can reset your PIN in the app.

4. Card Swiped - A card swiped error or 'fallback transaction' usually happens when the chip couldn't be read, and it asks the customer to swipe the card. To keep our customers safe we decline swiped transactions (because they're the easiest way for fraudsters to copy cards).

The best thing to do is to give the chip a little clean and try and insert it again. It could also mean that the chip is damaged. Please contact us and we will organise a replacement card.

5. Insufficient funds - Make sure the card has enough funds. You can transfer money to your kid's card by hitting the blue 'Send' button in the middle of the parent home screen.
6. Card is blocked - Make sure the card isn't blocked. You can check this by tapping the card controls button on the top right of your kid's virtual card on your parent home screen. Once you've entered the card controls section, look at the blue toggle on the virtual card... The toggle should read 'active'.
7. Transaction amount is higher than the limit - One of the features of SquareOne is that you can set limits for your kid's spend (daily/weekly/monthly).

Just tap on the card controls button on the top right of your kid's virtual card on the parent home screen and check if you've set any transaction limits.

8. Incorrect CVC - This happens if you have entered an incorrect CVC (card verification code) when using your card to make a purchase online.
The correct 3-digit CVC code can be found in the card details screen.

9. R18 Merchant - R18 merchants like liquor stores, bars, gambling websites are blocked by design. You can contact us to get specific details about the transaction.

10. Invalid Expiry Date - This transaction was declined because you have entered an incorrect expiry date. Please refer to the card details screen for the correct expiry date.

11. Other Reasons - This is usually a catch-all error message, please contact us and we will solve it for you.

Do all these check out? Or you can't figure out what went wrong? Get in touch with us and we'll look into this for you ASAP.

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If you're stuck, just tap on the blue messenger icon on the bottom right of the screen and reach out to us. We're happy to help!


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