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Setting Worker Account Permissions
Updated over a week ago

To add Worker permissions in Penelope you must be logged in with a System Administrator account or a Super User account (someone with access to the Setup sidebar and the ability to create and modify Worker Profiles).

About Configuring a Worker’s permissions

Typically a Worker’s security and permission settings are configured when you first create the Worker’s account. At this time you can choose a User Group, Security Class and Report Security Class from the corresponding drop downs on the Add Worker screen.

Add Worker screen with security and permissions highlighted


Remember that General Security Settings are configured for the entire Penelope database rather than individual or groups of Workers!

You can mix and match User Groups, Security Classes, and Report Security Classes. Not every Worker assigned to the Intake-Mgmt User Group is required to have the same Security Class or Report Security Class. In the diagram below you can see how different types of Workers with different roles could be configured in Penelope:

First you’ll need to choose a User Group to determine the baseline set of permissions and type of homepage for the Worker.

Next you choose the Security Class to further specify the specific features and types of client records the Worker should have access to. You can design Security Classes to reflect the specific features and data you want Workers to have access to.

Finally you choose a Report Security Class to specify which Reports the Worker has access to.

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