Finalizing a Document
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When you have finished making changes to your draft Document, you can Finalize the Document to make it available to users to complete. Each time you finalize a Document, you create a new Revision. Once a Document has been finalized, the components of the Revision that you can modify are limited. Some modifications require that you create a new Document revision while some modifications require that you create an entirely new Document.

Changes allowed after finalizing the Document

  • Document title and short title

  • Adding or removing stages

  • Adding or removing assigned classes and/or Case Services

  • Modifying the formatting of existing elements

  • Modifying lists

  • Editing the header or footer of the signature

  • Adding, removing, or modifying some Action Triggers

  • Modifying the layout of a Letter Document

Changes that require a new Document Revision

  • Adding or deleting elements

  • Adding or deleting signatures

  • Using pages

  • Modifying the Question Tags in a Letter Document

Changes that require a new Document

  • Modifying Scoring

Finalize a Document


Before you Finalize your Document, ensure that you’ve fully tested the Questions, functionality, and (especially) the Scoring. Remember that once a Document has been Finalized, you cannot modify Scoring later.

1. In the Revision > Component tab, click Finalize.

Click Finalize

2. Click Okay to confirm your action.

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