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Editing Documents: Adding a Revision vs. Making Changes Outside of a Revision
Editing Documents: Adding a Revision vs. Making Changes Outside of a Revision
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Generally speaking, when a change needs to be made to the way a Document is set up, a Revision needs to be added to its set up page, often referred to as a Document's "template". When a change is made to a Document that requires a Revision to be opened, those changes are not reflected in completed instances of that Document.

However, some changes do not require a Revision. Any changes that can be made to a Document outside of a revision will have an impact on completed instances of the Document, and should be made with caution. These changes will also impact any copies that have been made of the Document template, and if the changes are being made on a copy, the changes will impact the original Document.

To get to a Document's template --

  • Open the Setup tab on your Penelope homepage

  • Select the Document List link

  • Find and click on your Document in the list.

What requires a Revision?

  • Adding and removing Questions, Sections and Groups

  • Adding, removing and editing Conditions

  • Adding and removing Sub Documents

  • Enabling Pages

  • Adding and removing Pages

  • Adding, removing and editing Signature fields

  • Changing the Completed for setting

  • Adding Questions to, or removing Questions from a Composite Question

  • Reordering Questions

What does not require a revision?

All of the following changes will have an impact on completed instances of a Document and also on any copies of the Document template.

  • Changing the Document Title, Short Title, Type of Document, and Description

  • Changing the Names of Stages

  • Removing Stages

  • Enabling or disabling the Client Facing setting

  • Enabling or disabling the Allow "Send Completed Document" setting

  • Changing the Name of a Question, Group, Section, and Composite Question

  • Changing the List Group on a List Question

  • Changing the List that is selected in the Shared List Group dropdown

  • Changing the Values in a List on the Question List Group page

  • Changing the Question Format

  • Making a Question Answer Optional or Required

  • and anything else that can be changed in the Edit window that comes up by clicking on a Question's name

More information on adding stages outside of a Revision can be found here.

Note: Once a Document is finalized, Scoring cannot be changed. If updates to scoring is required a new Document template will be needed. If a copy is made of the Document, as scoring can be edited on a Document's copy, the above should be kept in mind if any questions are changed.

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