The Notify Arrival feature in Penelope allows you to send a notification to a Worker to let them know that their client has arrived. The Worker can then acknowledge or dismiss the notification (as required).

To send a notification navigate to the Agency Events screen by clicking the clock icon on the far left of any screen in Penelope. You will then need to find the appointment and click [Notify Arrival] beside the Worker’s name. This will generate a confirmation noting which Worker/s you are about to send the alert to.

The Worker notification will appear in the top right-hand corner of the Worker’s screen with an option to Acknowledge or Dismiss. If acknowledged, the notification is sent back to the sender to let them know that the worker received the notification. If the message is dismissed, then no notification is sent back.

Important Information

If the [Notify Arrival] option does not appear on an appointment, then it means the worker you are trying to notify is not currently logged into Penelope.

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