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Worker Message Settings (System Administration)
Worker Message Settings (System Administration)
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Worker Message Settings are the database-wide rules for the types of messages that can be sent to Workers from Penelope. Options include:

  • Enabling Worker Delivery (i.e. whether or not to allow Workers to receive email or text messages from Penelope)

  • Enabling Event-related notifications

  • Determining what level of detail is included in the message (subject and body, subject only, or disallow for messages of that type)

Once you’ve enabled Worker Delivery and configured your database-wide rules, each Worker can indicate their personal preferences for email and/or SMS messages within the parameters of the database-wide rules.

Worker Settings Reference




Worker Settings

Enable Worker Delivery

An option to enable or disable the ability to send email or SMS communications to Workers. This setting is database-wide (i.e. it is applicable to all Workers regardless of their individual message settings).

Event Settings

Notify Worker of Event Booking where Booking is X hour(s) before the event

A setting to indicate that a Worker should receive a notification if an event is booked for them with less than X hours until the start time.

Notify Worker of No Show (exclude groups)

A setting to indicate that Workers should receive a notification any time an event where they are an attendee is marked as a No Show (for non-group events only).

Dismiss Arrival Acknowledgment Notification manually

A setting to force the arrival acknowledgement notification to remain on screen until the user manually dismisses it (by clicking the message). If this setting is not enabled, the arrival acknowledgment notification automatically disappears after a few seconds on screen.

Delivery Details

Event Notification

For each type of message, you can select the level of detail you would like included in the external notification.

  • None: Messages of this type will not be delivered

  • Subject Line Only: Only the content of the "Subject" field will be delivered.

  • Subject Line and Body: The content of both the "Subject" and "Body" fields will be delivered.

Note: For compatibility with various cellular network providers and devices, only the Subject Line will be included in SMS-based communication regardless of the selection made for the Delivery Detail settings.


As the Subject Line and Body fields of a message are not automatically populated, there is the risk of staff including PHI (Protected Health Information) in these fields. If PHI is included in these fields, this information could be transmitted externally from your Penelope database via email and/or SMS. Please consider your agency’s security policy prior to selecting these options.

Configure General Worker Message Settings

1. Navigate to System Setup > External Communications > Recipient Configuration.

2. In the Worker Message Settings section click Edit.

3. To enable the use of email or SMS messages to Workers click Enable Worker Delivery.

4. Enable the Event Settings and Delivery Details options based on your agency preferences. Review the Worker settings reference topic for more detail about each setting.

5. Click Save.

After you finish

After you’ve configured and enabled general message settings for Workers, each Worker can individually specify if and how they want to receive these messages through their Message Settings. For example, they can indicate if they want to receive an email, an SMS message, or a combination of the two. Further, Workers can indicate whether they want to receive an email/SMS each time a message is sent or only when they’re not logged into Penelope. The worker can configure their own message settings by using the steps found here.

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