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Adding a Payment to an Individual’s Account
Adding a Payment to an Individual’s Account
Updated over a week ago

There are a few places in Penelope were you can add a payment to an Individual’s account:

  • Individual Account page (Add Payment – see instructions below)

  • Service File (Pre-payment)

  • Service Event (Pre-payment and Record Payment)

Add a Payment – Not using Credit Card Gateway

Follow the instructions below to add a Payment to the Individual account using the Process other type of Payment option. This payment option is used when processing cash, check, direct credit, offline credit card payments etc (e.g. not using Penelope’s credit card gateway).

  1. Navigate to the Individual’s Account page.

  2. Click Add Payment.

  3. Select Process other type of Payment.

  4. Select a Reason.

  5. Enter a Transaction Date.

  6. Enter a Check No if applicable.

  7. Enter a Description if applicable.

  8. Enter an Amount.

  9. Select a Received by Site if different from the default.

  10. Select an Add to Deposit if applicable.

  11. Click Save.

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