Start Client Communication (SMS/Email)
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Depending on your agency’s configuration it is possible to send Individuals (clients) emails or SMS messages from the following locations in Penelope:

This feature is particularly useful as it keeps a record of all communication sent to a client within Penelope.

How to Send an Email or SMS to an Individual

To send an email or SMS to an Individual (client) from within Penelope follow the steps below:

Important Information (SMS)

When sending an SMS message only the text in the subject line (step 7) will be including in the SMS. Text in the body field (step 8) will not be included in the SMS.

  1. Ensure Message Settings have been configured at the Individual Profile for the Individual who will be receiving the email/SMS.

  2. Navigate to the location (Case, Service File, Service Event etc) in Penelope you would like to send the email/SMS from (this is where the record of the message will be kept).

  3. Click the Messages tab.

  4. In the Messages section click Start Client Communication.

  5. Select the recipient/s of the message (the options available here will vary depending on the Individual’s Message Settings).

  6. Add any Followers.

  7. Enter a Subject. Text in the Subject field will be included in the SMS and email.

  8. Enter a Message. Text in this field will only be included in the email.

  9. Click Save.

Important Information

It’s important to note that should a client reply to an email or SMS message, the reply will not be imported into Penelope. As of Penelope v4.14.1.0 SMS messages can be a maximum of 160 characters in length, should messages be longer than this they will be truncated (e.g. multiple messages will not be sent) unless the Allow Multiple SMS function is activated.

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