Configuring SMS Settings
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The settings you configure in the SMS section of the External Communications page allow for text messages to be sent from Penelope externally to Workers and Clients.

After you enable SMS External Communications in Penelope, you can configure recipient delivery settings for both Workers and Clients (Individuals).

SMS Settings Reference




A tool to test the SMS settings that you've configured.

To test your SMS settings, you will need to enter a real mobile phone number where you'd like to receive the test SMS message. The test is considered successful if you receive the text message at the phone number entered. Please note that you will need credits on your gateway account for the test to work.

Enable / Disable

A tool to enable or disable the use of the SMS component of External Communications. This setting is database-wide (i.e. it is applicable to all clients and workers regardless of their individual message settings).


The gateway provider with whom you have registered. An SMS gateway allows a computer to send or receive SMS messages. The gateway provider is a company you register with to be able to send SMS messages from Penelope via a gateway to a specific phone network that then sends the actual text message to your worker or client.

Review the list of compatible SMS gateway providers. Each provider has their own coverage areas, pricing, services and mobile companies that they work with. To help you evaluate which option is most suitable for your agency, please review the Compatible SMS providers topic.


The URL provided by your gateway provider (available once you set up your account). The URL is the web address used to connect to the gateway provider.


The country code for the phone numbers you will be sending SMS messages to. Common country codes include:

  • Australia: 61

  • Canada: 1

  • New Zealand: 64

  • UK: 44

  • USA: 1

If you provide service only in one country, enter your country code. If you provide services in multiple countries or will be sending SMS messages to phone numbers from multiple countries, leave the Prefix field blank. Instead, you will need to add the country code to each client and/or worker's mobile phone number.

Note: If you will be sending SMS messages to multiple countries, you may consider also modifying the Default Phone Number Mask setting to include a segment for the country code. For example, x(xxx)xxx-xxxx. For more information about modifying the Default Phone Number Mask field, see the Agency Settings topic.


The username for your account with your gateway provider.

Change Password/Key

The password/key for your account with your gateway provider.


For Clickatell accounts only, the API ID value as provided by Clickatell. The API (Application Program Interface) specifies how software components should interact. Clickatell requires an API ID in addition to the URL and account information.

Allow Multiple SMS

When checked multiple SMS messages will be sent if the character limit exceeds 160 characters. If this is left unchecked the message will be truncated at 160 characters. Important: Your SMS gateway provider may charge more for sending multiple SMS messages. Please contact your provider for more information.

How to Configure SMS Settings

Complete this step if you wish to send SMS messages to clients and/or Workers from Penelope.

Before you begin: Review the SMS Settings Reference topic for information about each field or property available for you to configure.

Prerequisite: You will need to setup an account with one of the available SMS providers. Click Here for a list of compatible SMS gateway providers.

1. Navigate to System Setup > External Communications.

2. In the SMS section click Edit.

3. Complete the applicable SMS Settings fields. Values for these fields can be provided by your SMS provider. It should also be noted that the SMS Settings fields may vary depending on your Gateway provider.

4. Click Save.

5. Click Enable.

6. To ensure the settings are configured accurately click Test.

7. In the Recipient field type a phone number to send a test message to.

8. In the Message field type a message to include in the test message.

9. Click Save.

If the test message is received the setup is complete, otherwise, review and adjust the settings in step 3 until the test passes.

For more information about SMS gateway providers and availability please visit the Getting Started with External Communications article.

Next steps: Configure recipient delivery settings for both Workers and Clients.

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