Add a Blue Book Entry
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You can use the Blue Book to create a directory of contacts and community resources that can be shared across Individuals, Cases and Service Files. Blue Book contacts can be Individuals, Organizations, Schools, Medical Professionals etc.

Blue Book contacts can be booked into appointments and used in Referrals.

How to add a Blue Book contact

1. On the My Home page under Links, click Add Blue Book.

2. Complete the Add Blue Book Entry fields, as required.

Type of Blue Book entry - Select the Type. This list is configured by your System Administrator.

Name for Blue Book entry - In the Name field, type the name of the person or organization. If the contact is already in the Blue Book, the name will appear in a Suggested Lookup list as soon as you type two or more letters. If a matching contact is found, you’re all done!

Role - In the Role field, type the contact’s role/title. You can leave this field blank if you are entering an organization or are unsure of the person’s role/title.

User Defined - Select an option from the User Defined field. This field may not be available depending on your configuration.

Parent - Enter the Parent Entry field, if applicable. The Parent Entry field is used if you are adding an individual who works for an organization that is already in the Blue Book and you want the two entries to be affiliated.

Address same as Parent - Check the Address same as Parent Entry, if applicable.

Address of Blue Book entry - Enter the Address details, as required.

Contact - Enter the Contact details (mobile, phone, fax, email), as required. Ensure you click the plus (+) icon to save the entry.

Notes - Enter any Notes, as required.

3. Click Save.

The Blue Book entry will be added immediately and will be available for use throughout Penelope.

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