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Minimum Workstation Browser Requirements
Minimum Workstation Browser Requirements

Minimum browser requirements for Penelope, ClientConnect, and Engage

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Last updated: April 2022

Supported Browsers

Penelope supports the latest stable version of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge (Windows OS only)

  • Safari (Mac OSX only)

Penelope is now fully TLS 1.2 compliant.

For the best experiencing on desktops, we recommend at least 17 Mbps of download and 15 Mbps of upload speed. Check your internet speed here.

Mobile Compatibility

Many Penelope features are functional on smartphones and tablets running the latest stable version of our supported browsers.

  • Machines using either Microsoft Windows or Apple iOS can run Penelope.

  • Both iPads and Windows-based tablets can use Penelope.

  • Android and iOS smartphones are capable of running Penelope. However, the small screen size may make this a less than ideal user experience.

  • Devices that cannot run full versions of web browsers, such as older tablets are not supported for use with Penelope and will run into issues.

If you’re looking to give clients a fully mobile health care experience, check out our new client engagement portal, ClientConnect.

ClientConnect and Engage Supported Browsers

ClientConnect and Engage support all self-updating browsers that have been updated within the last year.

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