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Below you will find some useful resources on how to get the most from Penelope when working from home. If you cannot find what you are looking for or are having difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the Penelope Support Team by clicking here.

Accessing Penelope

When working from home you will need to be able to access Penelope. Please contact your IT department to ensure you have everything you need. If you or your IT department need additional help please contact the Penelope Support Team.

Useful Links and Information

Working with Penelope Remotely

Below you will find links to useful help articles and videos, which we hope will make working remotely with Penelope a little easier.

Working with the Collaboration Suite

The Collaboration Suite is a powerful communication, collaboration and organizational tool featuring Messages, Workflows and Calendar components.

Wherever you are in Penelope the Collaboration Suite is always a single click away. It slides open like a drawer layering over the top of your current page giving you a new context-sensitive workspace.

For more information on sending messages and creating Workflows please refer to the help resources listed below. If you have any questions about using the Collaboration Suite, please use the Penelope Knowledge Base search function (found at the top of all help site pages) or contact the Penelope Support Team.

  • How to send a message to a colleague – Conversations are communication threads (similar to email) that occur between two or more Workers within Penelope but do not relate to a specific entity in Penelope (i.e. not related to specific Individual, Service Files, Event etc).

  • How to send a message to a client – Discussions are communication threads that occur among Workers and are related to a specific entity in Penelope (i.e. Individual, Case, Service File, Service Event etc). Discussions can have Followers who are notified when additional comments are added.

  • How to send an Approval Workflow Task – This task type allows the recipient to approve or deny approval for the assigned task e.g. to approve a fee reduction by a manager. Once a task is approved only the reviewer can undo it. To send a Document Task you will need to select Approval in step 5 (Type field).

  • How to send a Document Task – This task type allows a task to be sent to a Worker, along with a Document to be complete. The closure of this task is determined by having completed the Document. Workers can also open an already completed Document and assign them to a task. To send a Document Task you will need to select New Document in step 5 (Type field).

  • How to send a Check List/Project tasksCheck List tasks can have multiple sub-tasks. Sub-tasks can be assigned to different users, each with different due dates. Similar to a Check List task, a Project task can include many sub-tasks that can be assigned to different users. Unlike Check Lists, sub-tasks in a Project task can be given a start and end date. To send a Check List or Project task you will need to select Check List or Project in step 5 (Type field) of the instructions above.

To view the Introduction to the Collaboration Suite tutorial click here.

Working Remotely with ODBC

It is possible to use your custom Penelope reports when working away from the office, however, as you are probably aware, for security reasons you can only run these reports from the IP address associated with your ODBC account.

This can be done by:

  • Connecting to your office VPN. Please contact your agency’s technical support team for more information and help to configure this.

  • Remoting into a computer within your office.

  • Submit a requesting asking that your static IP address be allowlisted. This can be done by contacting the Penelope Support Team (please note: authorization will be required from your Security Officer for this).

Further information on this topic can be found by clicking here.

Penelope Online Learning

The purpose of Penelope Online Learning is to provide a platform where Penelope users can learn about Penelope’s functionality and capabilities in an engaging and fun way. The online training takes on a blended learning approach to help maximize the users learning potential and includes features such as content-rich videos that can be accessed on most mobile devices.

To login or sign up to Penelope Online Learning please access your organization’s training URL. For our training FAQ’s click here.

ClientConnect Mobile Client Portal

ClientConnect is the new mobile client portal for Penelope that empowers your clients to participate in their care while improving outcomes and providing transparency, accountability and trust.

An incredibly powerful tool when working from home.

Depending on your agency’s configuration, ClientConnect allows your clients to book new appointments online, pay invoices, complete documents, view policies and coverages etc.

For more information about ClientConnect click here.

Engage Client

Engage enables clients to participate in their service provision through the Workflow and Discussion features in Penelope.

For agencies using Penelope version and above, both the Workflow and Discussion features in Penelope have been extended to allow for two-way communication between staff and their clients.

When Engage is enabled and clients have consented to receive email communication, staff can initiate email-based communication (either a Workflow or Discussion) sent from Penelope to the client.

Clients are then presented with a link to an external-facing webpage where they can either complete Document/s or reply to a Discussion. Note that communication via SMS is not supported for Engage.

For more information Engage click here.

Rcopia Medication Management (US Only)

Bonterra has partnered with DrFirst to make its Rcopia medication management product available directly from Penelope.

Rcopia is a secure, flexible, and user-friendly system from DrFirst that provides e-prescribing for controlled and legend drugs, as well as real-time benefits checking, split prescriptions, renewal requests, automated alerting for prescriptions requiring refills, and more. Please note that this module is only available to US customers.

For instructions on how to use Rcopia in Penelope click here.


PenelopeMobile is a mobile version of Penelope designed to allow direct service providers access to key features on a smartphone or tablet. Penelope Mobile gives staff who provide services in client homes or in the community the ability to:

  • Deliver impact beyond the desk

  • Get real-time access to information on the go

  • Provide consistently high levels of care wherever, whenever

For more information on how to use PenelopeMobile click here.

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