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Penelope Release Notes - v4.24.10.1
Penelope Release Notes - v4.24.10.1

Available to all customers: November 19th

Updated over a week ago

**Important Update: due to an issue with SSO on the the version below that affected some customers on AU/NZ, we have patched a new version: v4.24.10.1.

This version will be deployed on Nov 19th for all the clients.

In (patched version of v4.24.10.0) we resolved the bug that was causing issues with the Ideas Portal.

System Administrator, Admin-Executive and Intake-Mgmt. users with a valid “Personal Message Settings” email address should now have access to this link in their links bucket again!

The Ideas Portal is a direct line that allows the product team to gather feedback and suggestions so that they can be further explored and are considered as updates and improvements are planned.

This tool is used to help understand what pieces of functionality are most important to customers. The product team regularly reviews the submitted ideas and monitors trends in voting as well as comments.

Version also includes an update only impacting customers who utilize SendGrid for Bonterra External Email Communications

Bug Fixes


Feature Fixed


Ideas Portal

Ideas Portal Customer Link

The bug that was causing issues with the Ideas Portal has been fixed. Customers can now access the Ideas Portal to submit ideas, vote on ideas that matter to them and track the status of their ideas. As a reminder, this link will appear at the bottom of the ‘My Profile’ bucket in Penelope.

Required Maintenance


Feature Fixed



Send From email changes

For customers utilizing SendGrid to send emails from Penelope there is a required update. To remain compliant with SendGrid terms and conditions the send from email address on all external communication will be changed to ""

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