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Attention: Social Solutions is now Bonterra. Please bear with us as we update our screenshots to match our new name.

The Penelope Ideas Portal allows customers to submit their own ideas to the Product and Development team!

This direct line allows the team to gather feedback and suggestions so that they can be further explored and are considered as updates and improvements are planned.

This tool is used to help understand what pieces of functionality are most important to customers. The product team regularly reviews the submitted ideas and monitors trends in voting as well as comments.

System Administrator, Admin-Executive and Intake-Mgmt. users with a valid “Personal Message Settings” email address have access to this link in their links bucket.

These users can submit new ideas, vote on ideas that matter to them and track the status of their ideas. This link will appear at the bottom of the ‘My Profile’ bucket in Penelope.

For the help site: Remember to use the Aha! logout functionality when you have finished managing ideas in the Penelope Ideas Portal!

Using the Ideas Portal

  1. Searching Ideas

  2. Engaging with other Ideas

    Up Vote Ideas you think are a good idea.

    Subscribe to the idea to stay up to date when changes are made. For example, if something is under review or on the roadmap, the idea status will update.

    Add comments to support the idea or explain how the current configuration or limitation impacts your organization.

  3. Creating Ideas

    When creating Ideas, be as detailed as possible! Explain the errors, frustrations, or limitations your organization is running up against. Explain the idea or functionality gap you'd like to see improved. Offer your own solution in as much detail as possible.

  4. Viewing My Votes, Subscriptions, and Ideas

    Under the search bar you will find your Ideas, Votes, and Subscriptions to Ideas. You can monitor their progress, review comments, and keep up to date with the things you want to see in the product.

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