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Penelope Release Notes - v4.24.14.0
Penelope Release Notes - v4.24.14.0

Available to all customers: March 12, 2023

Updated over a week ago

Version includes bug fixes as well as security enhancements. Check out the details below!

Bug Fixes


Feature Fixed


Penelope Mobile

Attending Worker List

A bug was causing a periodic error in Penelope Mobile to display “Not Attending Workers” as “Attending” even when marked as “Not Attending” in Penelope. This bug is now resolved, and service files created in Penelope and Penelope Mobile have aligned statuses for workers.

Case Services

Book Event

The FFS override link on the Book Event page can now be clicked for non-attending Individuals, both before and after they are added as attendees.

Client Connect

Brief Error on Activation

For newly created Client Connect accounts as well as accounts that had been disabled and enabled again a bug was causing an error to appear very briefly after a password had been setup. This error has been resolved and the activation for accounts in Client Connect is now working as expected.

User Authentication Status

User Authentication Status Report

Some customers were experiencing an issue that caused the User Authentication Status report to display an incomplete list of users. All relevant users should now appear in this list when downloaded.

Security Updates

This upgrade contains important security measures designed to keep your system safe. We consistently monitor and update the security of Penelope to ensure your data is protected.

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