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Penelope Release Notes - v4.24.12.0
Penelope Release Notes - v4.24.12.0

Available to all customers: January 15, 2023

Updated over a week ago

Version includes a series of bug fixes as well as security enhancements and high priority fixes. Check out the details below!

Bug Fixes


Feature Fixed


Penelope Mobile


A bug that was causing documents completed or revised in Penelope Mobile to be locked when returning to the Document on desktop Penelope has been fixed. Documents completed in Penelope Mobile after this upgrade will no longer have that Document Revision locked.

Intake Wizard

Add Individual

When some users added Individuals through the Intake Wizard, they intermittently encountered an error that said they did not have access to add Individuals to Penelope. This has now been resolved.

Client Connect

Message Settings Tab

An error appeared periodically when accessing the Message Settings tab on the Individual Profile. This tab can now be accessed without error.

Blue Book

Blue Book Types

When a Blue Book Type was made Inactive on the System Administrator side of Penelope, the Blue Book Type was still able to be selected when creating a new Blue Book Entry. Now when creating a new Blue Book Entry, only active Blue Book Types will display. Users will be able to search for inactive Blue Book Types when using the Blue Book List’s “Type” filter.

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