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Everything you need to know about Reviews as a Player
Everything you need to know about Reviews as a Player
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How Do I Leave a Review for my GM?

Have you ever had a truly amazing game with a StartPlaying GM and want the world to know?

Leave them a review!

Reviews help everyone on the platform – they tell other players how the GM's style from a player POV, and they give GM profiles a more professional look. They also don't take up too much of your time, just a short tidbit will do.

You can leave a review for your GM by following the steps in our article "How to Leave a Review for your GM."

Why Should I Leave a Review?

Have you ever considered your words' power in our StartPlaying community? No, we're not talking about your in-game dialogue (although we love a good monologue). We're talking about reviews— those few lines you write after a game about your experience with your Game Master (GM).

Leaving a review might seem like a small thing, but in reality, it can make a huge difference. Here's why:

Help Others Find Their Perfect GM

Each player has a unique play style, and finding a GM that matches that can truly elevate the game. When you leave a review for your GM, you're not just providing feedback for them. You're also guiding other players in their quest to find the perfect GM.

Your experiences can help players learns a GM's style, strengths, area of expertise, and what type of players might enjoy their games the most. So, your review could be the compass guiding fellow gamers toward their next unforgettable session!

Help Your GM Level Up

Constructive feedback provides valuable insight to GMs. Reviews give info about what they're doing well, and thoughtful suggestions help them see what could be done better. These insights helps make sure that each game is better than the last!

Remember, when leaving reviews you should be honest, respectful, and specific. Your words are powerful tool in shaping our community, helping players find the right GM for them, and making sure our GMs provide epic adventures.

StartPlaying Review Policy

We're all here to enjoy our favorite games and have a blast, right? Part of that experience involves giving and receiving feedback. Let your GMs know what you think, but keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Play Nice: Like in our games, everyone should feel safe and respected in our review section. Let's stick to our Code of Conduct. No mean comments, threats, or bullying, okay?

  2. Keep It Real: Tell it like it is. Your review should be about your actual experience with the GM. Make sure it's honest and based on what really happened. No made-up stuff or exaggerations.

  3. Watch Your Language: We're all friends here, so keep the conversation clean. No cursing or foul language, please. Constructive criticism is great, but let's do it respectfully.

  4. Details, Details, Details: The more specific you can get, the better. What rocked about the game? What could be better? Instead of just saying, "It was good" or "It was bad," give more detail. It's way more helpful.

  5. Privacy Rules: Remember not to share private info or personal stuff about your GM or other players. Let's keep the focus on the game.

If a review breaks these rules, we might have to take it down. And if it keeps happening, there might be even more significant consequences, like banning your account.

So, let's keep things fun, fair, and respectful. Your feedback is mega important. It helps our GMs get better and helps other players know what to expect. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! Happy gaming!

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