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How to Leave a Review for your GM
How to Leave a Review for your GM
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Have you ever had a truly amazing game with a StartPlaying GM and want the world to know?

Leave them a review!

Reviews help everyone on the platform – they tell other players how the GM's style from a player POV, and they give GM profiles a more professional look. They also don't take up too much of your time, just a short tidbit will do.

Do I Need an Account to Leave a Review?

Yes, you need an account on StartPlaying to leave a review for your GM.

Even if you are leaving a review for a game you played in before they joined StartPlaying, you need to create an account to leave a review.

Where Do I Go to Leave a Review for a Past Game?

1. Use The Drop-Down Menu To Find Your Adventures

  • Click on your Profile Picture in the upper right hand corner to find drop-down menu, then click My Games.

2. Find The Adventure You Want To Leave A Review For

  • The Adventures page is split between upcoming and past sessions.

  • When you find the session or campaign you want to review, click on the "card" for the session.

3. Click on the Leave Review button on the left-hand side of the screen.

How Do I Leave a Review?

Once you get to the Review page, there are a few steps to leaving a review for your GM!

1. Rate your GM on a scale of 1 Star to 5 Stars

2. Write a Public Review for your GM

3. Select up to 3 GM Superlatives for your GM

  • You can pick up to 3 tags from a list that should give a general description of the GM's strong points.

  • The top 3 GM Superlatives for a GM from across their reviews will be shown on the GM's profile.

4. Leave Private Feedback for your GM

  • The Any private feedback for your GM? section will only be seen by your GM. This is a chance to give honest feedback on how the GM can improve in the future.

  • This section is optional!

5. Rank how likely you are to recommend StartPlaying to a friend on a scale of 1-10

Once you've filled out these sections, you can click the blue Submit button. In about 24 hours, your review should show up on the GM's profile page. ✨

How Do I Review a GM Using a Review Link?

A GM might send you a review link via email. This is a great way to help out a GM you've played with before outside of StartPlaying.

If you are reviewing using a review link, you'll be taken directly to the "Would you recommend this GM?" page.

How Do I Review a GM Using the Feedback Email?

After a session you will receive an email confirming your payment and prompting you to leave a review.

Selecting 1-5 stars will bring you to the review page for your GM.

Verified and Unverified Reviews

You might notice that some reviews have a check mark under them, as well as a number of how many sessions the reviewer has played with the GM. These are Verified reviews.

Verified reviews come from a paying player of a past session on StartPlaying.

  • Verified reviews will update with how many paid sessions the player currently has played with the GM. So even if they review after session 1, the verified review will show 14, 32, or however many paid sessions you've played together on StartPlaying.

  • A review can also be verified if a Player sends their Game Master a custom payment/tip of at least 5 dollars.

Unverified reviews come from free sessions, or reviews obtained through review links.

  • Unverified won't show how many sessions the reviewer has played with the GM, but the review text still shows up in full. So even if they don't have a check mark.

  • Unverified reviews still help other players learn about the GMs and GMs have a more robust profile. Please leave a review for your GM if you have the time!

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