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How Do I Add a Game System?
How Do I Add a Game System?
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Looking to run a game system, but not finding it on StartPlaying? Don't worry, we can help! โœ…

What do I need to do get a game system added?

You chat in with the StartPlaying Crystal Ball:

Let the Crystal Ball know you want to add a new system, and you'll fill out a ticket for our Support Goblins:

Or, you can send an email to, and with the following info:

  • The name of the game system

  • A link to the product page for the system

Why am I not seeing a game system on the "Find Games" page?

The full list of available systems is only available on the GM side, when editing/creating a "Game Template." If you're searching on the "Find Games" page, only the game systems that currently have games running for them will be shown.

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