Who are the lookalikes?

How to use and refer to the "Lookalikes" section of an influencer's profile.

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First of all, where can I find them? 📍

The "Lookalikes" section appears in each influencer's profile.

But what are the "lookalikes"? 🤔

They are divided into two lists:
- Influencer Lookalikes are influencers who share similar interests with your influencer and post similar content.
- Audience Lookalikes are influencers whose audience overlaps with the audience of your influencer and/or follow similar pages.

Why are they important?
This feature is especially useful when you have found a good fit for one of your campaigns and want to find other influencers with a similar profile.

Similarly, it enables you to find new influencers to either target the same audience or, on the contrary, avoid selecting influencers that are too similar to diversify your target audience.

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