Automate overlocking

Using a smart entry system? Learn how Stora can auto-lock units when payments fail.

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If you're on our Automate plan and using a smart entry system, you can utilise our auto-overlock feature. It automatically removes a customers access to their unit when a monthly payment fails.

You can set this up to either be immediate or give them a set number of days grace period. In both scenarios, your customers will automatically be emailed to let them know what is happening, and that they need to retry their payment.

In this email, they have the option to make a one-off card payment, which reinstates access immediately. Stora will automatically try to take the payment again several times over the next few days, once collected, access is reinstated immediately, and they will be emailed to let them know.

How to set up auto-lock

Auto-locking must be set up for each of your sites. Simply visit a site's edit form, locate the customer access section and turn it on. You can then specify your grace period.

When a unit has been automatically locked due to failed payment, you will receive an email to confirm that this happened.

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