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Adding team members to your account
Adding team members to your account

How to invite other people to access your Stora account.

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You can invite anyone to create their own unique user account and log in to your Stora account. We recommend you do this rather than sharing one account since Stora tracks and reports on the actions of each team member. Individual accounts means you get better visibility of who did what.

How to invite a team member

Visit your new Team page which can be found under Settings.

Click on 'View Team'.

To add a team member click on Invite.

You will then be asked to add their name, email and team role.

You can set each invitee up as either:

  1. Owner - Full control over account.

  2. Team Member - Full access to account but can't delete team members / your account.

When you are happy select Send Invite and the new team member will be emailed over an invite to your Stora team.


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